Quality and innovation since three generations.

The tannery founded by the D’Urso family has always been active in the field of research and

The history of EUROTRE has lasted for three generations. The Company, founded by the D’Urso family, is today administered by Mr. Pasquale D’Urso which, with the support of his sons Mr. Francesco and Mr. David, continues his plan of business expansion.

In 2015 the Company, with his headquarters in Via Carpisani in the tanning district of Solofra, opened a second establishment, always in same district but in Via Arco Torre, where to extend the production of sheep and goat skins together with the improvement of the tanning activity in each stage of production as in the tanning, re-tanning and dyeing phases.

The choice to move and give birth to another establishment was influenced by the Company sensitivity towards the environmental sustainability issues.

The business philosophy is based on combining employers craftsmanship with high-tech production methods in support of the ancient tanning tradition.
Research and experimentation of new tanning techniques, coupled with the Company know-how, permit EUROTRE to produce leather for the footwear and the leather goods sectors, intended for the high and medium fashion market and brands.

Flexibility, continuity and a wide range of ready-to-stock articles allow EUROTRE to quickly meet the customers demand.