Optimization of production process.

Optimize production processes to ensure economic growth and thus prosperity for today and tomorrow workers and citizens.

With a view to “sustainable development“, EUROTRE devotes financial resources and operational units for the optimization of production processes in order to reduce the environmental impact of tanning activity and ensure an economic growth safeguarding, at the same time, the well-being of today and tomorrow workers and citizens.

From 2007 the Company has introduced a correct and safe management of chemicals products used in the processing of leathers in accordance with the REACH Regulation.  EUROTRE, therefore, ensures the registration, evaluation and restriction of every chemical product used in each production stage to ensure the risks management related to their use, both for the environment and the human health. REACH obligations require an ongoing attention on the production process from the operators of the sector through testing to verify the possible presence of critical substances in the marketed products.

The Company’s production process consists of a complex sequence of production phases in which the operators skills are best expressed through the experience and the use of increasingly advanced technologies, result of constant research over the years.

The leathers, in accordance with the fashion designers‘ creative needs, are conceived and worked to become shoes, bags, jackets and/or any other trendy leather goods.
Download REACH (certificate-reach.pdf 278 kb)